Paula Grech MA, RDMT: Dance Movement Therapist

I am Paula Grech: a dance movement therapist, offering individual and group dance movement therapy. I also offer workshops focusing on the creative therapeutic process of movement. 

For Individual Therapy, I offer a supportive space where people can explore issues and concerns through the reflective and creative form of therapy in motion. 

Group Therapy tackles the difficulties people often face in a group context, enabling others to bring their creativity to bear on shared issues and challenges. Commitment to regular attendance is essential to build trust and confidence in the group.  

In Forthcoming  Workshops, I  will focus on the creative process of movement (workshops are not intended as therapy sessions).  In my workshops, I use movement to enable individuals to explore ways of being and adapting in the world.  The workshops are aimed at releasing energy, playing with movement and discovering parts of the self in a fun , creative and exploratory way. 

My professional philosophy is based on a belief that movement not only releases emotions which might otherwise remain hidden or repressed, but also helps the body to navigate paths through difficulties, to cope with trauma and to heal. Through dance, mime and the creative movement process, individuals can often bring about the changes which are needed  to optimise their quality of life. Greater clarity of mind follows the insights gained in movement, building a stronger sense of self and helping develop healthier, stronger relationships.