I have a Masters Degree in Dance Movement Therapy, awarded by the Laban Centre, London, in 2002 (validated by City University London).

In the UK, I have worked in the Mental Health branch of the National Health Service with adolescents, adults and the elderly, facilitating individual and group dance movement therapy both in hospitals and in the community.

My area of speciality is special needs: working within schools for children who have learning difficulties, especially within the autistic spectrum. I have also worked with the wide and complex needs of the elderly.

My training is based on the use of Laban Movement Analysis, one of the most widely used systems of human movement analysis. I use Kestenburg Movement Profiling to describe non-verbal behaviour and help define psychological functioning.  I use Authentic Movement techniques (derived from the Jungian work of Mary Starks Whitehouse) to enable clients to turn free-association into movement. I also draw on theoretical models based on the work of Jung, Freud, Winnicot and Bowlby to mention just a few.  Other aspects of my training employed for my work include drama (I have a BA Degree in English).

I have spent the last two years in Australia  and Europe. In Australia, I used my time to expand my practice, discovering Interplay (a practice exploring the wisdom of the body through simple movement body techniques that help reconnect a sense of wholeness) and Contact Improvisation (based on the communication between two or more moving bodies).

I am now living near Montpellier in France, where I am developing my clinical practice. I offer a safe space where people are free to explore their emotions and open their creativity. Through exploration of movement, dance and mime, clients can discover areas where they can unlock their emotions, and reach their full potential.